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Content marketing trends for 2016

The world of digital marketing has been constantly evolving ever since its first expansion several years ago. Today, it is oriented towards creating high-quality, readable content that has an appeal for a wider audience, a fact which has naturally influenced the activities of SEO specialists as well, who are now turning to content marketing tactics to achieve their goals. As user behavior shifts, so do the techniques applied by content marketers, and below are some of the trends emerging in 2015.

More Companies Implement Content Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness  

While it remains difficult to measure the precise results companies are seeing from their content marketing efforts, a study by Curata reveals some very precise statistics: 85% of participating companies connect content marketing with an increase in brand awareness, while over 70% also experienced an increase in customer engagement and site traffic. These stats clearly show the benefits of a user-oriented focus, and it is expected that more companies will join the battlefield of content marketing in the years ahead.

Key Performance Indicator and ROI Calculation to be Re-evaluated

One of the main tasks for content marketers has become the re-evaluation of the manner in which they measure and monitor their efforts. While Google Analytics provides key data, it is no longer enough: real-time, personalized information from varied channels is the way to surmise customer’s needs and complaints. This might also demand the engagement of additional SaaS and tools in order to stay on top of the increasing flow of data, but will ultimately result in timely and actionable information.

Focus on Impact Instead of Reach

Even though one of the principles of content marketing is using varied channels to increase potential reach, reach does not always translate into sales. Today we are seeing a transition towards generating more impact and engaging readership as much as possible, making it increasingly important to research your desired target audience and their online behavior and habits, in order to determine the best approach.

Evaluating Data in Real Time

With advancements in technology made every day, marketers now have at their disposal a wide range of automated tools to help their efforts. However, these tools can never replace a real-time analysis of incoming data, which can then be further used to determine consumer behavior to further develop contact strategies.

Expansion of Distribution Channels and the Shift towards Mobile Content

It is not enough to create engaging content – it also must be distributed across the right channels. Determining these channels is the new hurdle content marketers need to overcome, especially as focus is increasingly shifting to the mobile world. With this in mind, the distribution form itself needs to change, as detailed articles are less likely to achieve desired results. Information needs to be remolded into forms which are both easily shared and viewed, demanding and increasing focus on visual aspect of content.

Content marketing might be one of the most efficient ways to reach your desired audience, as it focuses on the user. Shifting your marketing focus from your product to the consumer will ensure the development of your brand, as well as the trust and influence it has. While numerous companies are still struggling to implement the proper content marketing techniques, many are expected to join the arena in the months to come.